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MILANO STONE Stovetop Espresso Maker - Mint Green: 6 cup

  • $50.00
GROSCHE MILANO STONE is a new one-of-a-kind collection of Stovetop Espresso Coffee Makers. You can rely on the MILANO STONE to brew delicious, smooth espresso at home and look good doing it. They come in a speckled stone finish and suit any kitchen décor.

These type of coffee percolators are also called moka pots, and are an authentic Italian style of brewing espresso coffee. These moka pot stovetop espresso makers make a rich and smooth coffee that is more dense than regular drip coffee makers, French presses, or pour over. Their cup sizing is in espresso cup sizes - not regular coffee mugs. So, a 6-cup coffee moka pot will brew 6 espresso shots. The MILANO STONE Stovetop Espresso Maker moka pots use ground coffee and are compatible with a variety of stove tops, including gas, electric coil, glass and propane.

The MILANO STONE Stovetop Espresso Makers are made of food safe aluminum and come with a certified Italian safety valve to prevent internal pressure build up.
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