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Our Process

Let me bring you your favorite beverage and we can discuss all the details of your project. Meeting at the project site will be the best use of both our time. However, I'm happy to meet offsite or via phone or zoom, too. Whatever works best for you! Things that should be nailed out: Overall Budget (Including Construction, Furnishings & Decor), Start Date & Project Completion Date; & Expectations.

After we meet, we will put together a project proposal outlining your project goals, timelines, a break down in costs. If everything looks good - we will start moving forward into a deeper dive of your design style, moodboards, products & samples - don't worry, we won't overwhelm you and we promise to make it fun!

We will provide you with a moodboard complete with fabric samples, paint swatches, hardware selections for a final once over before install. We can discuss any changes to plans & again, we promise to make it painless.

Step into the space you've been dreaming about - we can't wait to show you!