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A Handcrafted Life

  • $29.95
This is the essential guide to living a more beautiful, purposeful, and fulfilling life inspired by the whimsical world of cottagecore, complete with flower pressing, foraging, needlework, spinning, crafting, and other fun and charming yet practical activities. From savoring the aroma of freshly baked bread and tending a beloved herb patch to enjoying sunlight filtering through hand-sewn curtains, cottage-core is a philosophy as well as an aesthetic that brings together many strands of a sustainable lifestyle: unplugging, slow living, embracing nature, learning new skills, growing food, and much more. Each chapter explores different ways of embracing the cottagecore lifestyle, such as interacting with nature, eating seasonally, and getting creative. Inherently low-impact and green, cottagecore embraces reuse and recycling and celebrates an old-fashioned no-waste ethic. Author - Short: Francis-Baker, Tiffany Pages (actual): 176 Illustrations (TI Sheet): 200 Color And B/W Illustration
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