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  1. Maki Low Plant Box (Nutmeg)
  2. Maki High Plant Box (Black)
  3. Woven Basket Trio (Charcoal)
  4. Chunky Woven Basket Trio
  5. Braided Wicker Basket Trio
  6. Handled Woven Wicker Basket Duo
  7. Painted Dune 5'' Planter
  8. Hanging Ceramic Air Plant Cradle Terracotta
  9. Small Terracotta Hanging Air Plant Cradle
  10. Small Speckle Buff Hanging Air Plant Cradle Dipped in Gloss White Glaze
  11. Small Hanging Air Plant Cradle - Gunmetal Green Planter Vase
    Sold Out
  12. Hanging Air Plant Cradle - Navy Blue Planter Vase